AI and Machine Learning

How can AI benefit from XR technology?

The interaction between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and XR is two sided. On the one hand, AI can contribute to an increased user experience of an XR system. On the other hand we can simulate different forms of AI in XR to investigate how people percept the AI. And thus, improve the AI itself. In XR we can furthermore simulate the real world and generate big data for machine learning algorithms.


HistKI: AI-based support of image source research and criticism
The project HistKI aims to explore the support and modelling of image source research and criticism as a complex and fundamental historical-scientific working technique through multimodal AI-based procedures.
MOTIV - Digital Interaction Literacy
Carolin Wienrich (Mensch-Technik-Systeme) hat mit Astrid Carolus (Medienpsychologie) und Andreas Hotho (Data Science) das mit 760.000 Euro vom bidt geförderte Forschungsprojekt „MOTIV - Digital Interaction Literacy ” eingeworben.
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