Co-Working and Creativity

Can I meet you in XR?

The current situation has shown once again that the way we communicate and work together is changing quite rapidly. New ways to transport knowledge and to exchange ideas are developed. Working remotely has experienced and all time high. But many people feel like working together via video-conferences just doesn't feel the same. The state of the art for remote collaboration is limited to voice and video streams. But working together is so much more! It's not just the mimic, but the whole body language. It's not just communication, but the interaction with each other. It's not just about reality, but about finding new metaphors.
This is where XR comes into place. It gives us the possibility to experience each others body language. We can interact with each other and together with things in our environment. We are not limit by our surroundings. Feel like the conference room is limiting your creative thinking? Just work in a forrest, on the beach, on top of a mountain, ... All with just one button click. The options are limitless.

XR is going to revolutionize the way we work together. Learn more about what we work on to be part of this process with our projects down below.
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