Education and Training

Can you explain this with XR?

Have you ever seen a neural synapse or visited the Mars? Exploring the unexplorable is one major advantage of XR in the educational context. Making things tangible.

XR technology offers low risk and less resources. For training applications, XR can provide a digital twin that replicates the visualization and the interaction of the real system and increases the training effect while having low risk and using less resources.


Breaking Bad Behavior
A New Tool for Learning Classroom Management Using Virtual Reality.
CoTeach - Connected Teacher Education
Support in the Quality Initiative for Teacher Education with the focus on "Digitalization in Teacher Education"
GEtiT (Gamified Training Environment for Affine Transformations) achieves an interactive gamified 3D-training of affine transformations by requiring users to apply their affine transformation knowledge in order to solve challenging puzzles presented in an immersive and intuitive 3D environment.
LEED - Die Zukunft des MINT Lernens
The project aims at the use of Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in STEM teaching and at exploring the pedagogical potentials of Tangible AR.
The project aims at the development of teaching sequences that can be flexibly combined to form new courses or integrated into existing courses to expand competencies with regard to using VR and AR.
The ViLeArn project develops and researches situated virtual learning environments based on presence and social interaction.
Virtual Audiences
A New Tool for Controlling Audiences in VR for Training and Therapy
In this project we investigate Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for people who stutter. The focus is a prototype presenting a virtual audience.
VRescue is a virtual reality application for the training of first aid measures in a controlled digital environment.
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