Therapy and Health

Getting better with XR?

Having access to good therapy options is crucial.

We can enhance therapy systems with XR since it offers a controlled environment and requires little resources. Imagine being afraid of heights. XR can easily expose and confront you with a scenario high above the ground.

XR can be an eye-opening experience when being confronted with and embodied in your own avatar. This can trigger self-reflexion and a higher self-awareness.

Also in rehabilitation from injuries, XR can be a great motivator to let patients mentally escape the hospital and enter new limitless worlds.

But XR can not only help people that are in need for therapy. We can also use it to educate heath care workers and people working in the medical field. The opportunity to gain new knowledge and insides can help provide better care for people that need help.


Embodiment Lab
Embodied multimodal interfaces and digital humans become increasingly interesting for novel human-computer interface paradigms. The EmbodimentLab establishes a Bavarian competence center for the creative development of related application use cases and the necessary technology involved.
An Immersive and Gamified Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System to Increase Motivation During Gait Rehabilitation
ILAST - Immersive Leg Coordination And Strength Therapy
ILAST is a prototype of an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) training system for post-operative therapy treatment after knee injuries. The training system uses basic game-like experiences simulated in fully immersive virtual environments which motivate patients to perform dedicated movement tasks mobilizing and strengthening their lower limbs.
Interactive Memories (InterMem)
InterMem explores the usefulness of multimodal and multimedia interfaces with an increased perceptual coupling to strengthen the positive effects of biography work with patients suffering from dementia.
In the project VIA-VR, we aim to create a framework for modeling and staging strongly engaging VR adventures for medical training, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.
ViTras - Virtual Reality Therapy by Stimulation of Modulated Body Perception
ViTraS develops therapy methods based on controlled modulation of body perception and behaviour patterns with the help of current Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies.
VR Gait
This project investigate how Virtual Reality can support motor-rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke consequences.
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